Aromatherapy Shower Bomb Gift Box
$ 22.00


Aromatherapy Shower Bomb Gift Box

Four of the most popular shower bomb scents in a perfect little gift pack- there's one for every mood.


Eucalyptus - 100% natural eucalyptus essential oil to invigorate, stimulate, & breathe deep.

Lavender - 100% natural lavender essential oil relax your mind, rest your body, & rejuvenate your being.

Peppermint - 100% natural peppermint essential oil to soothe your head and activate your mind & energy.

Thievery - A warm & spicy scent blended from 100% natural essential oils of cinnamon, clove, rosemary, eucalyptus, and lemon. Get well & be well; protect your well-being.

Other ingredients: baking soda, citric acid, corn starch, fractionated coconut oil.