Cottage Terrarium
Cottage Terrarium
$ 150.00

Leadhead Glass

Cottage Terrarium

This mid century design adds a twist on the classic Wardian case, or terrarium. With a low profile, it's a great choice for a centerpiece on a dining or living room table. Its 10" planting base will give you plenty of room for a few varieties of your favorite low profile plants or a lush moss garden. If you don't have a green thumb, these terrariums also make stunning showcases for your favorite decorative objects.


Lead Head Glass terrariums are handcrafted out of reclaimed glass and wood from deconstructed homes in Detroit and built using traditional stained glass techniques. The terrariums are modeled after 19th century Wardian cases, originally used to transport exotic plants around the globe, and are the ideal environment to raise your own miniature garden or display favorite objects.

10L x 10W x 11H

All terrariums include a fitted plastic liner.