Leksands Fäbodknäcke Thin Crispbread
Leksands Fäbodknäcke Thin Crispbread
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Leksands Fäbodknäcke Thin Crispbread

Crispbread is an traditional Swedish wholegrain rye bread. Since the bread is dry it can be stored for a very long time, several years if its stored right. Super versatile, you can have crispbread at every meal. Crushed over a bowl of yoghurt, maybe with some berries, for a naturally low sugar, high fibre and delicious granola for breakfast; topped with smoked salmon and cream cheese for lunch; used as pizza base for dinner (oh yes, crispbread pizza is a thing and it’s delicious.)

Leksands Fäbodknäcke is crunchier and thinner than traditional crispbread with a lovely, homemade character. A great choice for festive occasions. 


750 grams.

Ingredients: Whole grain Swedish rye flour, corn flour, Swedish spring water, yeast, salt.

Made in Sweden.