Neither Man nor Beast

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So they say women are better shoppers than men, and I have to agree. Or, at least, women are better endurance shoppers. Case in point: John and I take several buying trips a year to NYC, where we spend days on end walking and walking and walking, from the hotel to the shows, endless miles of show aisles, and from the shows out to eat and back to the hotel. Last time we took Chickpea along to the Coterie show because those fashionistas love a cute dog. Witness then, the photos I snapped in our hotel room over the course of three consecutive evenings. Apparently all that walking and looking and choosing can take it out of a guy — and his dog!



As I was the only one left awake to take pictures, I guess that means I win? And, no, I didn’t share these with John until after we were home.

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