Adjustable Cocktail Shaker with Recipes

This big cocktail shaker comes with 15 drink recipes built into the side, so when a guest requests a specific tipple there's no guesswork involved in properly filling the order. Here's how it works: The 34-ounce shaker consists of two containers, a strainer, and a double jigger--all made of heavy-gauge, dishwasher-safe stainless steel. One container fits inside the other -- the inside container is slightly taller than the outside container and displays the 15 drinks around its top edge and ingredients for each drink staggered down the sides. Turn the outside container so the arrow points to a particular drink and you'll align the openings with the selected drink's ingredients from the inside container. Follow the recipe, shake, strain, and pour.

Recipe include: the sidecar, Tom Collins, whiskey sour, alexander, kamikaze, dry martini, margarita, Manhattan, gin rickey, and old-fashioned.


12" tall.

Dishwasher safe.