Artists' Coloring Book

Artist Van Gogh

Here are the outlines of 16 iconic artworks ready for you to reimagine with your personal vision. Perfect for meditative coloring and for practicing a variety of art techniques - these sheets remove the dreaded "blank page" paralysis and give you a jumpstart to exploring the joy of creating art.

PEPIN Artists’ Coloring Books contain sheets of superior acid-free drawing paper, printed in VERY light lines. The printing is done in such a way that, depending on the techniques used, the original outline will be hardly visible after coloring. The 180 gsm drawing paper is made by one of the best paper mills in Europe and is suitable for a wide range of coloring applications, including pencil, pen, pastel, marker and gouache.  Light watercolor and liquid ink applications can also be used. 


10 x 13.5" pad.