Blackwing Starting Point Gift Set

Know someone who loves to write, draw, doodle or design?  Does that person also looooooove a good pencil?  Here's your gift for them.  Blackwing pencils were introduced in the 1930's and maintain an ardent cult following- and for good reason - they make perfect pencils for every situation.  This starter set will let your pencil lover try the core of the line with 4 pencils,  20 replacement erasers, 2 point guards and Blackwing's excellent long-point sharpener.


Pencils feature a range of soft, balanced, firm and extra-firm graphite.

The Long Point Sharpener features a 2-step process to first sharpen the wood before precision-sharpening the graphite. 

Point guards keep your perfectly sharpened pencil tips from breaking on the go.

Replacement erasers (10 white and 10 black) ensure your pencils are always functional.