Coufidou Agen Prunes with Mousse Gift Tin
$ 30.00


Coufidou Agen Prunes with Mousse Gift Tin

The delicious stuffed Prunes of Agen, or Pruneaux d'Agen Fourres, from France are a classic holiday delicacy, revered by prune lovers all over Europe. The splendid full bodied Agen prunes are de-pitted and generously filled with a smooth Agen prune puree that is delicately flavored with vanilla.

These are perfect as a sweet foil to accompany cooked game or equally delicious to serve with an Armagnac or Banyuls wine at the end of a meal. Rich caramel notes balanced by a touched of acidity make these an unforgettable accompaniment to mold-ripened cheeses, such as Epoisses, Chevrot and Fourme d'Ambert. They also pair quite nicely with a cup of Mariage Frères tea for an afternoon treat.


450 gr

Made in France.