Italian Beechwood Gnocchi Board

This gnocchi board with a handle is an essential tool for preparing homemade gnocchi with ridged surfaces, which allows sauces, especially those based on tomatoes or cream and cheese, to adhere better. Gnocchi, literally meaning "lump" is a light and plump Italian dumpling made from a potato and semolina dough and is a traditional Italian dish of soft dumplings. This board allows you to quickly and easily roll your gnocchi faster than you can with a fork. It also yields a delicious and consistent product with fine ridges and a curved shape that retains sauce. HOW TO MAKE: For best results, working each piece separately, place a square of dough onto the Gnocchi Board and press slightly to imprint it. Then, starting at the top of the pasta, roll it along the ridges with gentle pressure to imprint the entire circumference. Dust the gnocchi with flour to prevent them from sticking, and set aside until all dough is formed.