New York Botanical Garden Mushroom Identification Flashcards

Can you tell a Morel from an Inky Cap, or a Puffball from a Lion’s Mane? If you, like millions of others, are mushroom-curious, these flashcards will be your perfect knowledge builder and outdoor companion. A compact, colorful, and informative deck of flashcards for newly minted mushroom lovers, featuring illustrations from the renowned archives of the New York Botanical Garden and text from the Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mushrooms

Take these cards on a country walk or camping trip as you spot mushrooms in the wild—or enjoy learning with the colorful images from the New York Botanical Garden archives from the comfort of home.

103 cards.
On each card you'll find:
a detailed illustration of a common North American mushroom;
key identifiers, such as the mushroom's gills, spore, bulb, and cap;
the mushroom’s popular and Latin name;
information on size, color, spore print, season, habitat, and range.