Organic Assam Loose Leaf Tea

This lively black tea from India's tropics is ideal for a robust morning cup.

Assam is the world’s most productive tea region. Deep in the tropical jungle, these low-elevation tea plants have larger leaves than the mountain varieties, producing a rich, malty, robust liquor. Assam teas take well to milk and sugar, and are the base of Indian chai. However, we love to drink the tea by itself, savouring the blend of the signature Assam maltiness and a unique crisp tartness that we haven't tasted in an Assam tea before.


1.5 oz 

Made in India on The Chardwar Estate, one of the projects taken on by Tea Promoters of India (TPI), a unique Indian-owned company working to change the Indian tea industry from the inside out. TPI was one of the earliest adopters of organic and biodynamic practices in Assam, and also one of the first to advocate for women’s education among Assam’s tea workers, including reproductive health.