Organic Kumaon Black Loose Leaf Tea

A rich, smooth, and balanced organic black tea from one of India’s forgotten tea regions. The abundance of golden tips carry a glowing caramel sweetness under thick layers of bittersweet cocoa.

Thanks to a careful harvest of only the newest growth, this tea has a high presence of tea buds, one of the hallmarks of quality tea. When steeped, these buds release sweet layers of caramel. Difficult to oversteep, the tart, fruity body relaxes on the second and third infusions. Kumaon Black is versatile and approachable no matter how you make it: strong, light, or somewhere in between. Lovers of the classic black teas like English Breakfast and Assam Black will enjoy this tea.


1.5 oz 

Today, more than 450 farmers in the village of Champawat produce 30,000 lbs. of organic tea annually. Each year the number is growing thanks, in part, to Young Mountain Tea customers. Kumaon tea farmers have a unique partnership with their government, pioneering a new sustainable, community-based model of tea together. In that model, abandoned land with once-rich soils are being rejuvenated by certified organic tea bushes, and Kumaon farmers are using these plants to make new specialty teas that earn them 5-10 times the rates of the average Indian tea farmer. In short, Kumaon is a model for how tea can uplift Himalayan communities.