Propagate: How to Regrow Your Houseplants

Learn how to make cuttings and regrow everything from house plants to garden vegetables with this simple, step-by-step guide to propagation. The second title from the authors of Regrown , in Propagate , Paul Anderton and Robin Daly show just how easy home propagation is, with instructions on how to regrow your favorite houseplants, garden plants and community garden crops. Conversational, approachable and aiming to inspire their readers, the authors explore 15 propagation projects from multiplying plants such as monsteras and rubber plants in a small city apartment through to making dozens of ready-to-go tomato plants from budding side-shoots in the community garden. With stunning photography and clear, detailed illustrations, the book also includes historical, anecdotal and personal stories about the marvel of propagation, along with a handful of bitesize interviews with other propagators, showing just how easy it is to share the joy of plant parenting.


159 pages