Sliver Blue Abstract Vase

Use the vase with glass insert to hold all of your blooms, branches and phylodendron cuttings.  Or, remove the glass insert, plunk in a bottle of wine, hand that baby to your hostess and receive your prize as Best Gift-Giver of the Year.

Colorful, handmade and surprisingly sturdy, Kazi's woven baskets will add a modern graphic touch to any corner of your home. The large baskets make dramatic, zero-effort centerpieces, while smaller pieces add a pop of color wherever you put them.  The possibilities are limitless.

KAZI is currently one of only five companies to carry the Nest Seal of Ethical Handcraft, the highest standard for assessing artisan homeworker production and supply chains. When you purchase one of their pieces from Rwanda and Uganda, you can feel good knowing everything is made ethically in a home or small workshop. Learn more at


Approx. 4" diameter x 8" high.

100% handmade using natural sisal with metallic thread accents.

Glass insert included.