The Little Box of Daily Affirmations

 A deck of 52 beautiful cards featuring inspiring affirmations to repeat aloud and bite-sized tips to promote overall well-being and boost self-confidence. The box also includes a 16 page booklet on how to practice affirmations and a stand for displaying the cards.

You don’t need to be well-versed in mindfulness practices to feel the benefits of affirmations. There are so many little moments throughout the day when you can pause, reflect, then continue with added purpose. Whether you want to boost confidence or reduce stress, the journey begins with this box.

Alongside a booklet covering the essentials of how to practice affirmations and incorporate them into your daily life, this box contains a set of 52 beautifully designed cards, each with an affirmation on one side and a well-being tip on the reverse.

Each card can be displayed individually using the wooden stand, allowing you to bring daily inspiration to any shelf, windowsill, desk or side table.

This is the perfect gift for anyone looking for an extra dose of positivity every day.

Includes 52 affirmation cards, instructional booklet and wooden stand.